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MSAPR Compliance Performance Testing

Starting in June 2016, the Government of Canada instituted the current MSAPR guideline regulation that covers stationary engines in the category of Modern engines (installed new after September 2016) in sizes greater than 75 kW and Pre-Existing engines manufactured before that date in sizes over 250kW.

The Performance Test (section 69) is required for all engines in the fleet at specified intervals and refer to a number of ASTM and EPA test methods that outline test port location, sampling procedures and specific testing requirements. NOx intensity units for the Performance Test can be reported and submitted in either g/kWh or ppmvd15% (parts per million by volume dry, corrected to 15% O2). There is more to consider when setting up your program than just simply picking an intensity unit. The type / method of testing can be affected and because of this can potentially affect the cost. There are reasons beyond this when choosing how to quantify NOx and having a good dialog with your testing contractor would aide in developing an effective and productive strategy.

Consulting the Emissions Intensity Testing contractor to develop a strategy and describing these differences should be a priority for those in charge of implementing a testing program.

Caterpillar MSAPR Testing
Caterpillar MSAPR Testing

Being able to access remote locations was a key factor for EMS Inc.  Testing integrity, accuracy, and repeatability remains paramount.  Being adaptable is also valuable whereby we do not require a dedicated trailer, or specialized trucks to achieve testing results.  This is achievable by utilizing truly portable CEMS Analyzer systems that allow us access into any areas by our own trucks, ATV or even a helicopter if needed.

Also, these systems are purpose built for mobility and are built for the various means of transport we encounter and not the lab. We can provide portable generator power and are able to provide portable man lifts for access to test locations.

MSAPR Compliance Performance Testing on Stationary Engines
MSAPR Performance Testing

Above all we have been very selective to ensure that the testing and reporting will be in compliance with the MSAPR guidelines and follow all protocols that are outlined in it for the specific instrument used. Reliable data can be reported, documented and be repeatable.

MSAPR Performance Testing Services.

What does your testing program look like? Getting input from your contractor can be paramount to developing a long lasting relationship of reporting and testing commitments. Contact us and start the program with EMS Inc.