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    MSAPR Emissions Check and Performance Test
    Providing MSAPR Emissions Testing for Emissions Check and Performance Test.
    MSAPR Emissions Testing
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    Pulsation - Vibration Analysis and Troubleshooting
    Failed piping clamps, gauges buzzing, broken supports? Accurate and cost effective analysis for immediate results.
    Pulsation-Vibration Analysis
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    Condition Monitoring Programs
    Providing various Condition Monitoring programs for all machinery types. Fleet wide or machine specific we provide all sizes of programs.
    Condition Monitoring and Vibration Programs.
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    Reciprocating Compressor Performance Analysis
    Positively identify the performance of your reciprocating compressor. Get your maximum efficiency and return on your largest investment.
    Compressor Performance Analysis
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    Celebrating 20 Years of Service in 2022.
    It all started back in 2002 and we have been through all the ups and downs in Alberta. Proud to be celebrating 20 years of service.

Customer Driven – Reliability Centered

Who we are:

EMS Inc. Celebrates 20 Years of Service.
Celebrating 20 Years of Service in 2022!

Enhanced Maintenance Solutions Inc. is an industry leader in Reciprocating and Rotating Machinery Analysis in Alberta, Canada since 2002.  Our analysts each have over 25 years of experience specifically in reciprocating and rotating machinery analysis. We take the leading edge in experience and technology to lead the industry in reciprocating and rotating analysis.

We specialize in providing Condition Monitoring, Pulsation, Vibration and Engine – Compressor Analysis Troubleshooting services for reciprocating and rotating machinery such as natural gas engines, natural gas compressors, rotating plant equipment and multitudes of other machinery for the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Manufacturing industries.

Our Environmental Division was specifically developed to merge our vast experience in engines and compressors to provide Engine Exhaust Emissions Intensity Testing services for Environment and Climate Change Canada Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR) Performance Test and Emissions Check compliance testing.

Serving Industry since 2002

What we do:

If it’s reciprocating or rotating machinery, we are an industry leader with solutions related to vibration, pulsation, compressor performance, engine performance and troubleshooting.  Condition Monitoring (CdM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Programs have been a large part of our business and we continually show our clients massive value in those programs.  Avoiding costly parts inventories and monitoring your machinery through its life cycle has saved our clients serious dollars over our almost 20 years of business.

Whether you need immediate analysis troubleshooting, CdM program services or consultation on existing programs, we apply our full industry experience and expertise. Our long time industry experience in legacy integral engine and compressor performance and troubleshooting puts us ahead of many competitors in the industry.

Our Environmental Division has emerged to provide Engine Exhaust Emission Intensity Testing services for our clients meeting the Environment and Climate Change Canada Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulation, MSAPR. We are ready and mobile for your testing requirements and are fully capable for providing compliant testing services since 2018.