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Rotating Vibration Services

EMS Inc is always looking for the best approach and solutions for our clients. The world is progressing with data capture and analysis and we found an addition to our current rotating vibration analysis capabilities. We have added the AVT Machine Sentry system to our capabilities with its cloud based approach and simple interface. The ability to provide a system that not only increased the ...
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Reciprocating Compressor Clearance Term

Reciprocating Compressor Clearance - Simulated vs. Analyzer Measured One of the most asked questions when it comes to utilizing a reciprocating performance analyzer is where does the cylinder end clearance value come from? This becomes more of a contentious issue when dealing with simulation programs such as Ariel, Superior, Gemini, DRSize and with remote performance monitoring software simu...
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MSAPR Emissions Testing

The time frame for testing has been slowly moving on with the Environment and Climate Change Canada MSAPR guidelines for Part 2 - Spark ignited engines. By now most if not all companies will have submitted their fleets by January 1, 2019 for the start of the programs. Testing has been underway with either the mandated Performance Test as stipulated for Modern engines ≥75 kW or with Emission...
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CdM program pays back – Meter Error

Having an effective Condition Monitoring Program CdM on your large assets has been proven in one way or another to be valuable on our clients Reciprocating Compression fleets.  Recently a client of ours had reported low flow rates to their sales meter from a pair of compressors at a large facility.  This was concerning as the potential flow loss would equate to a loss of $2000 per day even at the ...
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MSAPR Regulations another year closer. What is your plan?

The Government of Canada's #MSAPR regulations are another year closer to the January 1, 2021 1st phase NOX limit deadline for pre-existing engines.   As of July 1, 2017 the first registration and compliance report for modern engines (engines newer than September 15, 2016 manufacture date) was due to the Government of Canada. With the slower development strategies of some of our clients, thi...
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Government of Canada moves forward on BLIERS and MSAPR

After much time and change in government both Federally and Provincially, the next step in emissions controls for the Oil and Gas Industry is upon us.   The newest version is reaching Gazette II for the Federal government to put BLIERS into regulation federally. This news was just released on June 27, 2016 on the Government of Canada website. http://news.gc.ca/web/article-en.do?nid=1091219 T...
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RioTech VTU1X installation.

What does the RioTech VTU1X system need for install? How hard is it?? We have had some requests to see an actual installation of the VTU1X vibration monitoring system.  One of our good clients have allowed us to show the install on a new unit to their fleet.  The single VTU02 unit installed was set to monitor the engine and compressor frames with the revolutionary 1x vibration system on a mid to ...
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What makes a good vibration analyst part II – Differentiating the Options

In part one we discussed the different pitfalls that can come up when performing a vibration analysis and also what may or may not make for a competent analyst.  In this article I am referencing an actual case where different service providers came to distinctly different conclusions based on same data. What are we dealing with?  The unit is an engine driven, 4 throw – 3 stage recip ...
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What makes a good vibration analyst?

In an industry that has become more crowded over the past 10 years,  one of the issues that can arise is setting your self apart from other analysts or service providers. Does being a dealer for a given product make an individual an expert? Does representing a large international equipment manufacturer ensure that the solution will consider the entire application range that a machine is po...
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