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Compressor Analysis

Reciprocating Compressor Clearance Term

Reciprocating Compressor Clearance - Simulated vs. Analyzer Measured One of the most asked questions when it comes to utilizing a reciprocating performance analyzer is where does the cylinder end clearance value come from? This becomes more of a contentious issue when dealing with simulation programs such as Ariel, Superior, Gemini, DRSize and with remote performance monitoring software simu...
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CdM program pays back – Meter Error

Having an effective Condition Monitoring Program CdM on your large assets has been proven in one way or another to be valuable on our clients Reciprocating Compression fleets.  Recently a client of ours had reported low flow rates to their sales meter from a pair of compressors at a large facility.  This was concerning as the potential flow loss would equate to a loss of $2000 per day even at the ...
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