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Commissioning Vibration Assessment

Documenting vibration levels on new or refurbished/reconfigured units in the early stages is crucial to ensuring years of uninterrupted service from your compressor or pump installation.  With our service, the unit is put through its paces at different operating speeds and expected loading conditions for vibration levels on key structures.  New machinery can be tested in the shop before deployment to the field to identify any immediate issues and be resolved cost effectively.

Commissioning Vibration Assessment - Power Generation
CVA performed on Power Generation equipment.

The service includes:

  • Visual inspection of all pile locations and skid connections
  • Vibration assessment of the unit at various load and speed step conditions
  • Formulation of recommendations for repairs (where necessary) utilizing real world experience and expertise.

Vibration levels taken at speed intervals on all critical components such as engine frames, compressor frames, bottles, scrubbers, PSV’s, bypass and blow-down valves can be documented and observed to ensure the unit is within Industry Guideline levels.

Full reporting of the vibration levels and appropriate spectra are included for client review and explanation.  If levels and problems are identified, further Pulsation – Vibration Analysis can be utilized to remedy these issues.

If high levels can be identified early, these areas can be addressed quickly avoiding future failures. This would save bottom line dollars in the end in both downtime and possible safety risks.

Contact us with your installation details and we can provide details on this service for you. We are specialists in creating a cost effective and time efficient strategy for vibration assessment and control.