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Condition Monitoring Vibration and Optimization Programs

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Condition Monitoring and Optimization

Well constructed Condition Monitoring (CdM) analysis programs and synergy with client maintenance personnel have proven to extend unit life and reduce operating costs. Planned outages are optimized and unit failures are reduced. Incorporating Condition Monitoring analysis into Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) programs are instrumental in evaluating current maintenance practices and providing real life cycle data.

Asset Management incorporates the standard maintenance programs, maintenance planning, and condition monitoring and reliability goals to streamline fleet performance. These programs can be as large as fleet wide, or as direct as one or two machines. The bottom line is always of primary concern where reliability and cost are continually evaluated. Extracting the maximum value from your assets and maintaining high reliability are the keys to a successful program.

EMS Inc. Compressor Performance Analysis.
EMS Inc. Compressor Performance Analysis

What does a Condition Monitoring (CdM) program look like for your organization?

The elements of the program can be vast with regard to which areas are of concern to your organization. Our experience and expertise with reciprocating engines and compressors will make it clear what elements you need to make reliability and condition monitoring a success. Many companies have employed programs of all different shapes and forms and we have been there to either help form them, or participate in their implementation.

Your biggest assets need to be utilized effectively for you to reach maximum profit and CdM programs provide direction to the maintenance activities and confirm unit health to your investors.

AVT Machine Sentry

Plant wide Rotating Vibration Programs

We provide complete plant wide rotating vibration programs for monitoring your assets through their life cycle. We utilize the AVT Machine Sentry system for a cloud based database approach with the most advanced wireless data collection system. Simple data collection can be done by our technicians or can be handed off to your staff while we can review and provide data analysis and reporting. Cost effective and simple is a solution we are proud to provide to our clients.

Over 20 years of service we have been part of many programs across entire corporations or plant wide and have provided rotating vibration analysis as part of our complete condition monitoring program capabilities. Our experience with both rotating and reciprocating machinery put us above with understanding what areas we need to focus on for the best results for your program.

EMS Inc. is totally flexible and able to provide direction and services to meet the needs of your organization and make your program a success. We are speaking from over 40 years of combined experience with analysis and program development.