Sept 14, 2020

The continued efforts to maintain the levels of service from EMS Inc. are in line with all the latest releases of the AHS documentation as well as our safety policies. We have been monitoring all applicable releases from our local health authorities as well as our clients to ensure our services are conducted in a safe and compliant manner.

This has been a long road for all of us and we hope we can all be back to the lifestyle we enjoyed before this came to be. Keep safe out there and contact us with any questions about our policies.

June 30, 2020

The Phase 1 ease of restrictions in Alberta has brought some life into the businesses that have been struggling through this very trying time. We appreciate all the businesses taking the steps to open and helping support our industry and others as we venture out to work on locations. Small communities need our support. Phase 2 is just around the corner and many adjoining provinces like BC and Saskatchewan are also working to get the economy and our home life back on track.

We continue to monitor all data supplied from the Alberta Health Services (AHS) website and local municipal authorities for direction on our safe work practices and adhereing to the standards in place by our clients.

We will continue to provide our services in a safe and compliant manner and look forward to working with you in the future.

April 2, 2020

The ever evolving situations with the COVID-19 Pandemic has made the industry we work in also evolve in the way we contact each other, have meetings and perform our day to day tasks. We have been working with our clients and consulting safety documentation to work through these very challenging times. We will continue to be guided by the Government of Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, Alberta Health Services (AHS) and local municipal authorities to guide in the steps we need to take now and in the future.

Our field services are still available as we consult with our clients safety personnel and develop up to the minute plans. Some organizations are being cut back on operations and mechanical staff. Having our expertise available to provide on site health assessments of critical assets will make planning of maintenance activities easier in these difficult circumstances.

EMS Inc. has provided an action plan to be in place at the beginning of this situation and it has evolved to the current levels of safety measure that will include:

  • Reinforcing physical distancing as a mandatory requirement when in contact with our clients on location. This may include complete digital contact for permit, PJHA and pertinent paperwork for completing the tasks on site.
  • Sanitizing of our equipment and vehicle surfaces that are considered high touch traffic areas prior to and after usage.
  • Encouraging proper hand washing and cough etiquette practices.
  • Understanding the symptoms associated with COVID-19 and the reporting systems in place such as Alberta Health Services 811 link for direction.
  • Reinforcing socially responsible sick leave policies and requiring our employees to stay home if sick or suspected to be sick.
  • Ensuring the protocols for reporting illness, self-isolation and /or self quarantine as required by Alberta Health Services.
  • Communication of all of the above across our company.

Download our COVID-19 Action Plan.

Our operations are contained in our home offices at this time to be in compliance with physical distancing and “stay and home” protocols for the safety of our workers, co-workers as well as the public. We are still committed to providing our services in a safe and compliant manner.

All of us at EMS Inc. feel deeply for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and would like to acknowledge all of the front line staff of all the essential services working through this trying time. We cannot be more proud of the energy industry and the workers putting themselves in harms way to keep our families safe at home.

For our industry another link for useful information is from Energy Safety Canada COVID-19 updates page and can help those businesses serving our industry.

We will be updating this page as much as possible as the COVID-19 Pandemic carries on and changes to our safety programs may be updated daily to follow the current Alberta Health Services requirements. Everyone stay safe and do your part to keep our great country running.