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Rotating Vibration Analysis

EMS Inc is always looking for the best approach and solutions for our clients. The world is progressing with data capture and analysis and we found an addition to our current rotating vibration analysis capabilities.

We have added the AVT Machine SentryTM system to our capabilities with its cloud based approach and simple interface. The ability to provide a system that not only increased the ability to provide quick and accurate data capture but also reporting that aligns with todays maintenance management systems. Reporting includes machine inspections, photo capture and action notes that create immediate work orders ensuring communication doesn’t end with the report being issued.

Efficient Vibration programs are still the main stay of any organization focused on their assets and reliability of their machinery. Using a combination of the data collected by the analyst and the hand held 3 axis sensor with Infrared sensor and Bluetooth connectivity for increased accuracy and collection speed, immediate information for creating an action item or recommendation can be accessed via the cloud database.

The AVT Machine SentryTM fixed sensors are also 3 axis with temperature sensing that can be fixed to your critical assets or assets in remote access locations. They are programmed to take data on intervals and can easily be integrated into the existing analysis program.

EMS Inc. has been providing plant wide vibration programs for many clients over our 20 year history and are confident our analysis programs can bring real results to your organization.