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MSAPR Compliance Emissions Check Services

Starting in January 1st 2021, the first phase of the NOx limits for Pre-existing engines ≥250 kW will begin enforcement with the Environment and Climate Change Canada Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR) – Part 2 Stationary Spark Ignition Engines. The government of Canada’s MSAPR legislation has requirements for stationary engines to be tested for Emissions Check where the units are in Rich Burn configuration with after treatments looking to extend the testing times between regulated Performance Tests or for Lean Burn engines in the 365 days from the last Performance Test before the 36 Month window for the next Performance Test.

EMS MSAPR Emission Check

When are Emission Checks required?

Based on the MSAPR regulations the Emission Check frequencies apply to engines in both the Modern and Pre-Existing engine types under all Compliance options 1 through 3.

ECCC MSAPR Regulation Emission Check Schedule Pre-existing

Emission Checks are less intensive and require less testing time and resources than the Performance Tests. The testing can be completed in less than 1 hour per unit typically and allows flexibility for scheduling and multiple unit testing and multi-unit sites.

Emission Checks are still stringently regulated for testing requirements in the MSAPR guidelines Section 79 and with parallels to the ASTM 6522-11 Guidelines.

80 (1) An emissions check must be conducted by means of an electrochemical analyzer.

MSAPR Part 2 pg 1962.

The use and care of the electrochemical analyzer is paramount to providing consistent and repeatable numbers and require the same standards for use of RATA EPA G1 calibration gases with specific calibration procedures. Testing companies need to be aware and follow these regulations for your Emission Checks to be valid.

Our testing analysts have received full 2 day hands on training from the Ecom vendor to assure proper testing procedures are followed. We communicate directly with Ecom to ensure our analyzer receives the most up to date software and upgrades.

Emission checks can be used for MSAPR reporting requirements, but also can be used in the early stages of developing a fleet strategy for your company. These simple checks can give the information needed to develop a plan for testing and grouping your machinery. This cost effective testing will provide useful and compliant information to make informed decisions on whether your engines are operating as they were designed or are outside the limits and require repairs prior to reporting. Using equipment and processes that are compliant with the MSAPR guidelines allow these results to be repeatable and accurate.

EMS MSAPR Emission Check J2KN Pro Industrial
EMS MSAPR Emission Check using Ecom J2KN Pro Industrial.

EMS Inc. has been working closely with site owners and government bodies in the MSAPR development and has ensured that all of our equipment and calibration process strictly follows these guidelines. We know that the responsible person will be putting their name on the line for reporting and we want our clients to have results are that are reliable, repeatable and can be confidently reported to the Environment and Climate Change Canada SWIM program knowing protocols are followed.

ECCC Nov 2019 MSAPR Workshop

We are able to provide portable lift systems as part of our services and are fully autonomous for power and testing requirements for remote locations. Visiting remotes sites and being acquainted with field machinery has been our business for over 18 years. We are confident in our ability to provide professional and expert service.

Contact us for a plan for your MSAPR testing program and where our testing service can be a cost effective and efficient solution.

MSAPR Emissions Check