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RioTech VTU1X installation.

What does the RioTech VTU1X system need for install? How hard is it??

We have had some requests to see an actual installation of the VTU1X vibration monitoring system.  One of our good clients have allowed us to show the install on a new unit to their fleet.  The single VTU02 unit installed was set to monitor the engine and compressor frames with the revolutionary 1x vibration system on a mid to high speed application.

With the assistance of the outstanding E&I group the installation took approximately 4 hours to install the unit sensors, route the wiring and connect the tech cable to the panel.   We feel the installation is clean, simple and effective in now protecting the unit with true 1x vibration sensing and monitoring.  The panel test points for the inputs from the VTU1X were simple 4-20ma inputs from the device and can be monitored from the panel, but the internal memory of the device is still active for those “special” events that may not be captured with the panel samples.   You can be assured that there will be data available for download and trending as well as the any situations where an RCA may need to be performed.

Upon start up, with the RioTech VTU software, we were able to confirm the signals coming from the sensors.  Also, we could watch the live time waveform and resultant FFT data.  This is one powerful tool that is comparable in cost to the markets overall RMS vibration sensors.


RioTech VTU1x Vibration System
RioTech VTU1X Vibration System Install


Mounting of the sensors is simple and can be applied to any application. In this case we installed the sensors for the client to ensure proper position and protecting the sensor wires. New installations are always the best with a clean unit and unobstructed access.


RioTech VTU1X Vibration Engine Sensor
RiotTech VTU1X vibration sensor application to engines.



RioTech VTU1X Vibration System Compressor sensor.
RioTech VTU1X vibration sensor installation on Compressor.


RioTech VTU1X VTU02 Installation.
Clean install of the RioTech VTU1x vibration system.

If you are considering protecting your equipment with reliable and consistent vibration sensing, you need to contact us and we can show you how simple and valuable this system is.

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