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RioTech VTU1X Systems

Introducing RioTech VTU 1X Monitor Systems.RioTech VTU1X Mini-A

Condition Monitoring and Shutdown Protection for your biggest asset.

In our years of experience, vibration switches come in two forms. Vibration limit switches and Overall vibration sensors. Each have their own weaknesses and create a false sense of security or are completely disregarded due to false trips. We have been consulted many times to determine if the vibration sensed by the overall systems and impact sensors are in fact reporting a problem or if they are creating false alarms.

More than just a vibration monitor switch….

This simple one piece install unit does more than any other product on the market. Not only can you now monitor a discrete frequency, but there are many options that can be utilized with this simple system.

  • Intrinsically Safe Class 1 Div 2 Enclosure
  • Up to 1 year Data Memory*
  • Configurable for any unit speed up to 3600 RPM
  • Capable of monitoring two sensors with one unit
  • Comparible cost to current Vibration sensor systems with so much more to offer

*Contact for details on memory functions.

The VTU1X Monitors Reciprocating Equipment For the Following • Liquid Slugs • Stationary Bolting Integrity • Frame to Foundation • Distance Piece to Frame • Cylinder to Distance Piece • Cylinder Supports • Major Piping ( Bottle and Scrubbers) • Cylinder and Bottle Supports and Wedges.


Why is monitoring 1X vibration so effective?

When it comes to understanding reciprocating compressor forces, what is the highest and most limiting force on the machine? Gas Rod Load.

You can imagine that all the components leading from the crankshaft out see forces from 30,000 lbs. up to 210,000 Lbs. (depending on the frame size) and from 5 to 20 times per second. Those forces have to be contained and distributed through the cylinders, cross head guides and frame for the life of the machine. These events occur at 1X unit run speed.

RioTech VTU1X Vibration Monitor

Secondly, understanding resonance of structures, we are narrowing in on the most linear response for the unit vibration. This stiffness and response is the key to reliable monitoring data. The stiffness of the frame, cylinders, cross head guides, supports, bottles, the bearings in the compressor all play a part in creating the k or stiffness of the machine that gives a resultant vibration. If the force remains consistent and the stiffness remains consistent, then too vibration will also remain consistent.

Steady and reliable data provides trustworthy protection. Alarms are no longer ignored.

By applying this revolutionary method, you have more reliable vibration monitoring and confidence that your shutdowns will be trustworthy. This will avoid any unnecessary shutdowns or ignoring signs of potential failures. Your machinery is protected and any damage due to failure is minimized.

Just compare how in typical overall vibration monitors levels can vary as much as 75% over the operating range due to resonances and other data quality issues. The VTU1X system eliminates that down to a window that may be as low as 10% giving narrower limits and more meaningful alarms and warnings.

The smallest changes in the unit structure and function can be detected well before the “big event” happens.  Loosening supports, internal component wear even taking on very small amounts of liquid can be detected and shut down your asset with as little as 4 revolutions.

The complete article on the VTU1X system as well as brochures are available in .pdf format.  Select from the collection below.

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